We are proud and excited to be carrying SANTA CRUZ bicycles at Bicycles Unlimited.

SANTA CRUZ is a premier maker of extremely fine mountain bikes.  These machines are renowned for their attention to detail, their extremely reliable frames, and their beautiful finishes.  The line includes something for every discerning off-road rider, whether a recreational trail enthusiast, a competitive cross-country athlete, or a “go big” down-hiller, one of these stunning bikes is right for you.

We are starting to stock limited quantities of SANTA CRUZ bicycles, and we are ready to order any bike in their lineup.  Come in and take a look.  Be prepared to be impressed.

Junior is our most avid Santa Cruz advocate.  He's currently riding a 2014 Santa Cruz Heckler Single Pivot 6” travel

Q: Jr, what first attracted you to the SC brand?

A:  Dominance over the past few years in downhill racing.

Q:  How and where have you ridden the bike?

A:  Blankets Creek and Stinky Trial, cross country trails and some dirt jumps.

Q:  What are your impressions now that you’ve had some experience with it?

A:  It’s amazing!  It’s stiff and efficient, but good and soft when you need it.  No lateral movement at all.  I like it!

AuthorTravis McAfee

Every idea and every project starts *somewhere.*

About two years ago we intercepted this old Schwinn tandem on its way to the junkyard. Lately, we've been kicking an idea around, and we were looking for a "donor" bike to start with. It suddenly occurred to Brad that this old beast was ideal, and under our roof all along.

First the bike had to be cleaned and dismantled...

And then it really gets interesting! Out comes the hacksaw. This is the point of *commitment*!

AuthorBrad Klitten
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